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Our Team Does:

Strategic Planning

Growth Strategy

Crisis and Risk Management

Marketing Strategy

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Web Development

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Company Branding

Video Marketing

Marketing Strategy Expanded:

Market Research / Analysis

Mobile Marketing


We are highly motivated and focused on improving your business strategy.  Let us improve your growth, sales, profit and brand image.

Idea Power

During the consultation process, we will learn all key aspects of your business and create a plan that is right for your business

Complete Experience

Making your business more profitable, we will work with you every step of the way.

Vatic Consulting

We are very online and digital focused. We special in the digital aspect of companies including companies that operate only in the digital landscape. We will create a unique strategy that works for your business. We have revolutionized the online marketing platform to make things simple, cost-effective and also impactful to your business. We always look for cost-reduction to save you money from your current online business platform. From market research to advertising, we will reduce your costs and increase your sales.

We specialize in preparing your business for the future  by minimizing business inefficiencies, unlocking hidden potential growth areas,  and empowering positive change. Vatic Consulting not only helps businesses lower operating costs and  improve strategic planning but also improves long-term business growth. We have a unique ability to help firms prepare for the future, making the unexpected more expected.

How We Help

Our Goal is to help you

  • Help lean out your business by cutting unnecessary costs
  • Improve your marketing and brand exposure
  • Help change the corporate strategy to better fit your business

What Else do we offer?

  • Reliable capital raising plans
  • Angel Investing as an alternative debt source
  • Niche creation around your current products to increase traffic
  • Marketing and Brand makeover
  • Analysis and Evaluate

    We learn exactly how your business operates, your goals, mission, current strategy and financials. After we get a complete understanding we being to evaluate each segment independently as how to its the general strategy.

  • Develop and Strategize

    A strategic plan outlining the top priorities that need to be address and areas of opportunity for your business.

  • Activate

    You new strategic plan and corporate optimization strategy is put into place based on the implementation plan

  • Measure

    You business and plan is closely monitored and measured to ensure optimal performance.

  • Recalibrate for soaring results

    After the plan has been launched, we will finely tune some elements to send the strategic plan to even higher levels of performance

The Firm

Digital Strategic Planning

  • Strategic planning is the quickest, simplest and most cost-efficient way to improve corporate performance.
  • Helps improve brand image
  • Helps improve digital traffic and sales
  • As we help your business improve so will your growth and profitability.

Want to put you business on the proper strategic path?