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Our team is committed to performing above your expectations in the delivery of our services.  We offer effective and practical business growth solutions, such as business planning and execution, capital raising, franchising, marketing strategy, including online marketing, vulnerability testing, exploit identification and international expansion and international growth.

During our preliminary meetings our staff will take the time to understand your current business situation and your companies future goals and targets. We will also explain in detail all the benefits and downsides on your current strategy to help you make more informed business decisions. By listening to your goals and targets, Vatic Consulting is able to give your business a tailored, effective and optimized business growth plan.

Our specialization

Strategic Planning
Increasing Growth and Profitability
Marketing Plan
Product Growth and Expansion
Advanced Business Vulnerability and Exploit Testing
Media and Marketing
Risk Management
Raising Capital

About Us

Vatic Consulting evolves and revolutionizes the standard strategic consulting approach to maximize all aspects of your business. In today’s society, there is a big focus on cost reduction. This is emphasized while trying to increase the bottom line and  constantly improving all business processes and operations. Our specialty is helping you prepare for the future by minimizing business inefficiencies, unlocking hidden potential growth areas,  and empowering positive change. Vatic Consulting helps businesses lower operating costs, improve strategic planning and also improve long term business growth. Our team has a unique ability to help firms prepare for the future, making the unexpected more expected.