Where are you located?

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Do you do business in the USA?

Vatic Consulting has clients world wide. We operate out of Canada but can be hired on as consultants for any company worldwide. We provide constant email and video conference support outside our initial meetings. We also fly into an office and stay until the strategic plan is set up and fully optimized.

What is the pricing?

Vatic consulting offers many different services and options. The price is very specific to the organizational needs.

How long does it take to implement the plan?

The implementation process is very different for each circumstance and business needs. Each consultation package and or marketing package is unique to each business.

How can you help improve my marketing?

As a form of our business consulting, we will help overhaul your marketing strategy and plan. We create a full media experience for our customers that is cost-effective and achieves targeted marketing goals.

Support Included?

Yes, Vatic Consulting provides constant support to our clients. We provide support along the whole implementation and recalibration process of your strategic plan.

What is business vulnerability testing?

Business vulnerability testing involves looking beyond the plan and financials. Vulnerability tests uncover ways that your company is leaking money, subject to fraud, and ways employees are manipulating your system. All these lead to significant profit loss and Vatic Consulting looks to find all these vulnerabilities and loop holes in your business.

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